SWIFT Transforming Wound Care Management

SWIFT is a leading-edge wound care management tool revolutionizing healing across the healthcare continuum. It speeds up wound documentation and increases accuracy by capturing real time wound images.

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Clinically Calibrated Wound Imaging at Our Fingertips

Swift's cutting-edge Wound Care App brings non-invasive wound measurement to a phone and tablet. With this innovative technology, we automatically capture length, width, and surface area with precision using our fiducial marker, HealX. Swift also employs artificial intelligence for accurate wound analysis, providing comprehensive insights into wound progress and type.

Enhanced Consistency and Precision in Wound Documentation

Swift Skin & Wound App is fully customizable, allowing us to define mandatory steps within the clinical workflow, streamline documentation and drive consistent reporting across the board, leading to better patient outcomes.

How does it work

SWIFT Skin & Wound is a cutting-edge wound care management tool designed to streamline the healing process. The SWIFT Wound Care App enables clinicians to capture clinically calibrated wound images using their smartphones or tablets. The app automatically measures wound dimensions accurately, eliminating the need for traditional paper rulers and eye-balling measurements. Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis further assists in assessing wound progress and type, providing a comprehensive view of the patient's wound care population.

Key Benefits

Precise Wound Assessment

SWIFT's non-invasive measurement delivers accurate wound dimensions, enabling tailored treatment plans for each patient.

Intelligent Progress Tracking

AI-powered analysis monitors wound healing trajectory, empowering clinicians to make informed decisions and optimize treatment strategies.

Streamlined Documentation

Swift simplifies paperwork, allowing our practitioners to dedicate more time to patient care, enhancing the overall treatment experience.